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Your Personalised Car Number – Make it an Auspicious One

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 27 March 2017

Make your personal car number an auspicious one.

At last year’s Malaysia Autoshow, we had a few lifestyle booths with one featuring a Divinity Counter and a lady with a friendly smile.

Yes, she said she can help reveal whether a car has a registration number that suits the owner depending on factors including colour and type of car.

It also works the other way. She can match the colour and the registration number to suit the owner.

All she needs is the owner’s date of birth and the colour of the car. It is even better to have the time of birth, but not everyone is willing to share such information, she said.


“It also depends on the type of car. The owner of a supercar will be more determined to have a particular colour as compared to the owner of an average car,” said Suyen Lim, who is a metaphysician and Bazi teacher.

“It doesn’t make sense if I tell the owner to buy a black Ferrari when he fancies a red Ferrari. I will then use the Bazi chart to calculate the number that suits red,” she said.

Lim teaches Bazi at a school and a 20-session course that is conducted over a period of four months is charged for a fee of RM700 for every four sessions.

However, you don’t have to take the course to determine the numbers that will enhance you and your car’s cosmic harmony.

She also calculates numbers for the owner’s car for a fee of RM388.

“If it is a single or double digit registration number, it is a premium fee,” she said.

Believe it or not, Suyen is giving a special promotion of RM300 per number calculation till May 31.

Whatsapp Suyen at 016-5552821 for more information.


Yamin Vong was actively involved in last year’s Malaysia Autoshow and is already planning this year’s Autoshow scheduled for November 9 to 12.


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