When it pays to use a runner

POSTED BY CBT Team ON 13 October 2014

JPJ Counter

While driving on Sept 6, the right side of my car was hit by a Perodua Kancil being driven out from the outer lane that was at a standstill.

I told the lady driver that she can either compensate me or make a police report. She chose the latter.

As she was clearly at fault, I was confident of making an own damage knock-for-knock (OD-KFK) claim without losing the no claim discount (NCD).

I went online and called two of the nearest workshops in my insurance company panel.

They explained that for minor claims, I would be charged RM100-RM150 for engaging one of their runners to assist in making the police report and obtaining the documents later.

I decided to do it myself as I had been making reports at the Jalan Bandar Traffic Police Station since the 1980s when managing car rental companies.

In the office, I would type out the report in the same format as the form used by the police and prepare an accurate sketch plan.

At the counter of the police station, my report and plan would be accepted and stapled to their register, and the photocopies stamped for me to bring back as the copy of the police report.

About two hours after the recent accident, I was at the station to make the report. The investigating officer (IO) told me I could leave after my car was photographed.

I returned two days later on Monday Sep 8 as copy of police reports could only be obtained on weekdays.

I also requested for the photograph taken by the police, IO’s sketch plan and ruling on party at fault, and the other driver’s report.

The counter staff told me to check two weeks later whether the requested documents are ready.

On Sept 10, I drove to Bengkel Kereta Reliance, a certified Platinum repairer by Allianz at Jalan 2 in Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur.

Their manager Richard Wong spotted that the copy of police report was not stamped and so I had to return to the station to get it done.

On Sept 25, I went back to the station hoping to get the requested documents but was informed at the counter that the other driver had yet to make a police report.

I then waited for more than an hour for the IO to return from his tea break. It was understandable as he had been on duty for more than twenty hours in his 24-hour shift.

The IO confirmed that he had already sent a notice to the other driver who will be fined for making a late report in addition to crashing into my car.

I tried my luck on Oct 3 and was told by the counter that the IO had yet to make a ruling. By chance, the IO was on duty and he worked on it straightaway after I approached him.

Later, he passed me the ruling and plan and instructed me to pick up the photo and the other driver’s report at the counter.

When all the documents were neatly stapled and handed to me, I paid RM14 and left hurriedly without checking.

But I had to make one final trip on Oct 9 after discovering a day earlier that I was given a report of an accident involving another vehicle.

Altogether, I made six trips to the police station compared to only one after my previous accident on Oct 18 last year, also for an OD-KFK claim.

As my car was sandwiched in a chain collision and immobilised, it was towed to a Perodua Service Centre after I called Perodua Assist.

The workshop and tow truck operators collaborated well to provide assistance. I was driven to make a report and later sent home after a very long wait for the IO at the police station.

I did not have to follow up on the documents but was dissatisfied by the slow progress on repairs and decided to look for another workshop in future.

When I was running car rental companies, repair jobs which normally take several days are usually completed within a day; from panel beating to spray painting.

Also, I used to beat the runners in their own game at the Road Transport Department (RTD) located at Wangsa Maju.

For example, whenever a new series of numbers are about to be opened for registration, I would block up to 42 unreserved numbers that are not tendered or reserved.

They could be numbers such as 1222,1555,1666,1777 and 1999 as other numbers such as 1333 and 1888, together with all double pairs, are reserved numbers.

They cost me nothing until I use them. Normal registration fee was RM50 and additional RM210 for a selected number.

All I did was to enter RTD office through the staff door and politely asked the lady officer-in-charge to check the availability of the numbers and sign on the forms that I have prepared.

Meanwhile, the long line of runners would be waiting outside the office looking through the window and wondering what my connection was.

Having lost touch with the RTD and similarly at the traffic police station, I should have paid for a runner to do the job.

But I am happy with the superb service by the workshop chosen by me and also my insurer.

YS Chan
Kuala Lumpur


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