Westpeace JE-50 smallest portable fire extinguisher

POSTED BY Kaynis Chong ON 29 December 2019

Packing a fire-extinguisher in a privately-owned car is a high-minded thing to do. For public service vehicles like taxis and buses, they are required by Road Transport Department’s regulations to carry a fire-extinguisher.
Many off-roaders mount a fire-extinguisher in their 4×4’s because they have an ethos of volunteerism.

If you are one of the above, then you would be interested in the latest development in fire-extinguishers because the Westpeace JE-50 series of portable “green” fire-extinguishers is non-toxic; is not under compression like other aerosol-propelled fire extinguishers and therefore has a shelf life of 5 years without needing to check the pressure.

JE50 for Multi Classes of use

Developed and manufactured in China, the “solid state” concept is what allows the Westpeace JE-50 to be the world’s smallest portable fire extinguisher.
Its new nano particles have high efficiency fire extinguishing properties for Class A, B and C fires and are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, reliable and minimum residue after discharge.

The propellant is generated by an electrical charge that is generated when the ring at the base is pulled after the safety pin is removed. That’s what gives it its long shelf life and it’s non-pressurised feature in the smallest package in the world is what would make it attractive for motorists in hot countries like Malaysia where the temperature can go up to 50 degrees C in a car soaking the heat from the sun for the whole day. The operating temperature for the JE-50 is up to 60 degrees C.

Female User friendly & portable

Conforming to ISO 9001:2015, the Westpeace fire extinguisher has been tested and approved by Bomba and Sirim. It’s also tested and approved by accredited labs like HPi Verifications Services for sale in the EU and the US.
The recommended retail price in Malaysia is RM180 for the JE-50.

For more details, contact Westpeace Horizons Sdn Bhd at 03-7880 8896, or its sales and export rep, Jonathan Neoh 016 2201 469 or [email protected] or go to www.westpeacehorizons.com

JE50 for the Civil Departments