Volvo Trucks tames rough terrain

POSTED BY Ayisy Yusof ON 30 June 2015

Five new features for construction vehicle range to improve productivity.

VOLVO Trucks has strengthened its range of trucks with five new features.

Volvo Trucks Brands vice-president Ricard Fritz said: “By adding new, innovative features, we give our customers access to a broader range of options and unique ways to improve productivity.”

Despite the introduction of the heavy duty bumper for the Volvo FH series and the industry-first automatic traction control function for the Volvo FMX, the new features include:

Volvo Dynamic Steering for dual front axles: In addition to far lower turning resistance at low speeds, the steering wheel returns automatically to the straight-ahead position after full lock, cutting out the need for added effort in close-quarter manoeuvring and saving the driver both time and energy.

Increased front axle loads and dual front axles: Volvo’s heavy duty trucks with dual front axles increase the maximum technical capacity from 18 to 20 tonnes. Customers can benefit from both improved productivity and added flexibility.

Five-axle trucks (10×4 and 10×6): The two front axles permit up to 20-tonne maximum load and the three rear axles can handle up to 36 tonnes, resulting in both increased payload and greater flexibility for customers.

Rear air suspension in combination with driven front axle (Volvo FMX): The new combination of an air-suspended rear axle with a driven front axle permits the highest level of comfort even for trucks with all-wheel drive. Where leaf springs are generally dimensioned for the heaviest weights, air suspension offers the flexibility of adjustment to suit the weight of the load, resulting in  a smoother driving experience and less wear on truck, driver and road surface.

Electronic brake system: It gives access to a range of intelligent functions such as hill start aid for better control on steep gradients. Safety is also improved with an integration of engine braking and retarder function, known as brake blending.

“We want to be the leading brand in the construction segment just as we are in long haul. These new features in combination with our completely updated product range clearly sets a new standard for what a construction truck can deliver,” Fritz said.

In addition to the Volvo FMX, Volvo FH and Volvo FH 16, the Volvo Trucks construction vehicle range encompasses the Volvo FL with four-wheel drive and gross weight of up to 18 tonnes, and the Volvo FE with maximum gross weight of 26 tonnes.