Volvo C303

Volvo C303 Rebuilt

POSTED BY Kaynis Chong ON 10 February 2020

#YaminVong interview Dave Stewart on his Volvo C303 military-spec . It is being rebuilt at Andrew Yeoh’s workshop in a large ground at Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur. It’s Dave’s original Gecko Designed to match his tattoos!

The cabin of the C303 (or C3) can seat six in two facing rows of Recaro-type bucket seats.

There is a drop-down stairs which lead to the C3’s roof which is designed as a viewing platform-come-roof top tent.

Dave Stewart’s C303 with steps to climb up to the roof

The rear view is equiped two spare tyres.

The Volvo has the original PTO winch but Dave’s also installed two electric winches as a back-up. “The PTO has a clutch which has failed before when it was under load,” he said.

The rear electric winch

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