Cruiser Club Toyota Land untuk klasik BJS

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 10 November 2018




Pemilik klasik Toyota Land Cruiser - BJS 40 dan 60-an - mempunyai mesyuarat matahari terbenam sulung di Oasis, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya today.

While the group was formed about three years ago when 20 members attended the Toyota Land Cruiser jamboree in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, this is the first time that it has appointed a committee of office bearers.

“When we were in Indonesia, there were about a thousand BJs and FJ Land Cruisers. Besides the Indonesians, we met owners and clubs from the Philippines and Japan. They encouraged us to organise ourselves, and here we are,” said Club President, Wee-Liam Lau.

Our club caters for classic Land Cruisers. Most of our members, including old timer Stiven Sim, prefer the classic ruggedness and honest purpose of the old Land Cruisers,” said Wee-Liam Lau, president of the Toyota Land Cruiser club.

“I started off-roading in 1997/98 and enjoyed the camping and the company. Then I started to focus on Toyota Land Cruisers. Restoring BJ’s has been my passion for the past four years.

“I hope more Malaysians don’t trash their classic Land Cruisers. I try to keep mine as standard as possible and our club members have some good restorations.

“We’re world famous for the International Rainforest Challenge and the Borneo Safari but classic Land Cruiser restoration is something that Malaysia can be better known for.

“Classic restoration is down to research and passion. Treat it as art that works,” said Wee-Liam.

For the immediate future, the club’s objective is to get more owners of classic Land Cruisers to join the club.

The sundown gathering was held at Tom, Dick and Harry’s, a corner lot bistro pub with an al-fresco dining area, operated by the club’s deputy president, Colin Soh.

The Toyota Land Cruiser club’s committee is: Wee-Liam Lau (president), Colin Soh (Dep. Pres.), Linda See (Hon. Sec), Alfred Low (Treasurer), Sam Wong (committee member), Toon Chin Yee (committee member).


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