Toyota back on top of the world

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 28 October 2015

TOYOTA has returned as the top automaker in global vehicle sales after the first nine months of this year, selling nearly 7.5 million vehicles, outpacing rivals General Motors and Volkswagen.

Toyota said this week that global sales for the first three quarters totaled 7.498 million vehicles. Volkswagen AG of Germany sold 7.43 million vehicles, while GM sold 7.2 million vehicles, according to their figures released earlier this month.

Volkswagen overtook Toyota for January-June, the first time it had come out on top in such tallies. Its sales may suffer because of an emissions scandal, which hit last month.

The discovery of software that was able to mislead emissions tests on diesel cars may have more effect on VW’s sales in the remainder of the year.

Detroit-based GM was the top-selling automaker for more than seven decades until being surpassed by Toyota in 2008.

GM retook the sales crown for one year in 2011, after a tsunami in north-eastern Japan disrupted Toyota’s production.

Toyota’s sales for the first nine months were 1.5 percent below the level at the same stage last year.


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