To B7 or not to B10, to be B20!?

POSTED BY Kaynis Chong ON 17 June 2019

Would this be Positive or Negative for Malaysia Palm Oil Initiative Globally!

Scenario: Crude palm oil (CPO), hovering around the RM2,200 per ton mark, has resulted in a massive stockpile of 2.19 million tonnes as of end-June 2018 – a 43% increase from a year ago.

Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok is diligent and trying her best, but she didn’t seem to be getting the BIG picture.
She continued the narrative of the old government to imposed B10 biodiesel for the subsidised diesel fuel.
This is not the answer. There are many other ways to skin a cat.

The modern diesel engine can only use up to a maximum of B7, that is 7% mix with diesel. Engine makers will void the guarantee of its customers if B20(20% mix) is used.
When YB Teresa imposed B10 biodiesel earlier this year, the usually vocal community of diesel users kept silent, maybe to not rock the boat of the new government.

Never mind if the Indonesians have implemented B20, their motorists don’t have as many modern diesel cars due to different Customs and Tax practices. Old engines can use B20 without increasing the cost of maintenance.
Modern engines use super clean diesel such as Euro5 (5ppm of sulphur in the diesel).

The Minister should instead fund R&D to make engines compatible with B10 biodiesel, to reduce the residual deposit.
The automotive industry is rapidly adopting EV to promote a Green Environment. There is a

the global backlash against diesel emissions.

Three things YB Teresa Kok can do
1. Create a shortage of palm oil by stopping all plantings on new land openings. Aggressively pursue replanting only. Prices will rise and benefit smallholders.

2. Promote palm oil’s benefit with Indonesia.
Hire a world-class PR Agency to counter anti-palm oil Lobby in Europe and the US.

3. Promote the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), target it for maximum compliance.
The Minister of Primary Industries must take a stance that’s good for Malaysia, globally.
Palm oil is organic food, its use as biodiesel should comply to B7 standard.
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