If you think all tyre shops are the same, then you haven’t tried Michelin’s TyrePlus

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 17 March 2019

Michelin’s TyrePlus aims to give motorists a different retail experience and it’s new regional managing director, a boyish Pascal Nouvellon, is having a whale of a time inspiring his TyrePlus dealers.

When I was in one of the better TyrePlus outlets, the Nova TyrePlus in Taman Megah, PJ, I experienced firsthand the customer loyalty when I exchanged greetings with a customer who was observing his car on the hoist.

“That’s my family car and I want to keep my family safe”, said the customer, a middle-age salaried type.

That was on a late morning on Wednesday at the shop’s work bays. Inside the air-conditioned TyrePlus shop was another customer, a younger man working his laptop while waiting: his Myvi’s tyres were being changed on the shop floor outside.

Since I was early for my appointment and had time to do a friendly market survey,  I asked the young man: “What brand of tyres are you putting on your Perodua?”

“I just follow what was installed before, I don’t know which brand,” he replied.

But from where we stood, I could make out that it was a Michelin brand of tyre. Obviously, this young fellow’s maintenance bill would be reimbursed by his company because Michelin’s premium tyres are not the natural choice for cost watchers.

“That’s why we call it TyrePlus. We want to give the customer a very different retail experience. Not just tyres but also an opportunity to maintain the car’s brakes, engine fluids, wipers. So, it’s tyres plus other car maintenance services. We want to provide a credible complement to car dealers,” Nouvellon said.

“To give the customer peace of mind and assurance of quality, we have business alliances with Bosch, Total, Mobil 1 and Shell so that parts and engine fluids used are high-quality and genuine.

“We’ve also recently launched a maintenance service for fleet owners including Grab drivers where the engine lubricant provided is Shell lubricant.

“To ensure that the quality of service and parts is maintained at the required standard including a free 28 point inspection service for customers, Michelin has initiated a programme where TyrePlus shops are audited frequently.”

Michelin plans to increase its TyrePlus outlets in Malaysia from the current 55 to 100 by 2022.

“We have sophisticated geomarketing tools to help our partners grow in our targeted new locations and we will share these with our partners,” Nouvellon said.

So, keep an eye out for TyrePlus and if you don’t have a regular tyre shop, or you want a second opinion, you might like to try out the new retail experience at Michelin’s network