Test Ride: Honda Wave Alpha – The Urban Mover

POSTED BY Tony Yew ON 15 December 2015


Improved more powerful Honda Wave Alpha

The Honda Wave model that was launched in 2013 has now a successor in the new Honda Wave Alpha. Both variants of the new Alpha was launched recently by Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd with the primary difference being one with traditional spoke wheels with drum brakes whereas another comes with sports rims and disc brakes.

CARS, Bike & Trucks and our sister publication Berita Harian Auto (BHAuto.my) received the very first test bike of the Alpha with only 2kms showing on the odometer. While we do take care of new vehicles having the need for a run in, we were assured by the technicians that the Alpha will be able to withstand our test ride, and to give it all we got.

BHAuto’s Durrani Shahrom put the Alpha through its paces, and found out that the re-tuned engine that is pretty much the same that powered its predecessor has been given a boost of 0.7hps and.03Nm of torque.

Despite it being new, the Alpha had no reservations associated with a bike that has the tightness of a spanking new engine which tends to restrict the revs. In fact, the carburettors (yes, quite rare these days, but remember this is still an entry level underbone) performed as it should and power delivery at the twist of the throttle was certainly no hogwash for this 110 kapchai!

On a straight and open road, the Alpha did not struggle to get to 110km/h, and we feel that it should do even better once t has been given the mandatory ‘run in’. Front disc brakes and sports rims adorned our test bike, and while the rear spotted drum brakes, stopping power of the Alpha was adequate.

While motorcycle designers are always looking for ways to make their bikes attractive, those in Honda has incorporated the use of a hidden compartment beneath the seats to store a much needed raingear especially in our weather this time of the year. In truth, it does need a little ‘organising’ skill on the part of the rider.

The Honda Wave Alpha comes in three finishes as far as the livery is concerned, and isn’t all that too outlandish in the colour department.

Our test revealed that the RM5.00 spent on Ron 95 petrol got us as much as 100kms, but it has to be said that our rider wasn’t really light on the gas with an active right wrist, if you know what we mean!

Specifications of the Honda Wave Alpha:

Engine: 109.1cc, air cooled, OHC
Transmission : 4-speed
Max power: 8.3hp @ 7,500rpm
Max Torque: 8.59Nm @ 5,500rpm
Tank capacity: 3.7 litres
Dry weight: 98kg
Price: RM4,557 (Inclusive of GST,without insurance)


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