Test Drive: Peugeot 508 THP – 508 THP, je t’aime

POSTED BY ON 14 August 2015

HOW silly of us.

It took us a good three days to figure out how to open the boot of the Peugeot 508 THP. After much caressing and fondling of the car, only then we realised that the ‘0′ in the 508 emblem needs to be pressed to unlock the rear.

In all honesty, we had a brief moment of glory.

Then again, the head-scratching episode, for a moment, got us thinking – why the need to make things so complicated? Okay, sure, every car comes with an owner’s manual but let’s be real – would you go through the trouble of flipping through hundreds of pages just to find a section on unlocking the boot? We thought so too.

Furthermore, our mild frustration was compounded by the fact that the hood release lever, out of all places, is on the passenger side of the car somewhere underneath the glove compartment. The brawn part of us would love to send the French a memo on making life easier for the greater good. The brains part, well, would leave the probability aside.

Still, we’ll do everyone a bit of a favour by refraining from complaining even about the smallest matters. Some would say that a car’s beauty is on the outside but personally, we opine that in the case of the 508, its beauty lies within its cabin, so to speak.

Exterior and interior

Exterior-wise, the latest 508 is now more masculine, sleek and sculptured. We’re very fond of the eye-catching full LED headlamps. Not only do they boost the car’s overall sex appeal but it’s the simplest fact that night driving is made safer and easier.

The LEDs are so bright yet so precise, we recall intimidating a few drivers at night who mistook yours truly for a night-crawler out to cause nuisance. The Peugeot lion, on the other hand, has crawled its way from the bonnet to the centre of the 508’s grille.

We were on an LSD trip once inside. If you’re hesitant about lumping RM174,000 onto Peugeot’s dealer sales counter, then at least consider what the 508 has to offer in its cabin. The winners of this part right here would be the extensive centre console and dashboard.

The buttons are ergonomically-placed and with a clear dashboard display which provides all the vital information (especially the current playlist for this music buff here), everything just fits into place and feels so close to the driver.

However, it might not be a good idea to attempt stuffing bulky items into the glove compartment. You could imagine how small the box is as we tried fitting our EOS 700D in it, an action which turned out to be a complete failure. Our assumption is that the zoom lens was the culprit, but then again, we’re only kidding ourselves.

Now, what happens when you combine 10 premium speakers with a 500W subwoofer and a 3D sound processor? An audio system that is just out of this world, for a non-luxury sedan. For that extra James Bond-like moment, boost the bass and treble, wind down the windows and be sure to garner the attention of other road users.

Basically, when it comes to the 508, you’re paying for space and space is what you’ll get. There is ample rear legroom and really, it fits about three adults at the back just nicely. In a nutshell, we give the interior ambience our two stubby thumbs up.


The clear consensus is that a vehicle should function smoothly without any signs of jerking but it seems like the 508 is a bit of a rebel in this context.

We couldn’t help but notice that the car jerks forward after every gear shift. And like the kickback from a discharged firearm, we found ourselves thrown backwards in our seat whether we were upshifting or downshifting. Our experiment with the paddle shifters yielded the same result.

Granted, the power output and torque amounting to 163hp and 240Nm respectively managed to salvage what was left of the 508’s flaws. Simply, its abilities to take on corners, exceed the highway speed limits effortlessly and snake through traffic were in our favour.

All things considered and done, the 508 returned an average fuel consumption figure of 12.6L/100km.


The 508 THP is one sedan to consider if you have your minds set on moving around in a package of French goodness.

For us, you know very well the very common phrase “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. The car may be masculine on the outside, but its true beauty and functionality can be found and felt within closed doors, pun intended.

Specifications of the 2015 Peugeot 508 THP

Engine: 1,598cc twin scroll turbo high pressure four cylinder engine
Max power: 163hp @ 6,000rpm
Max torque: 240Nm @ 1,400-4,250rpm
Transmission: 6-speed Auto Adaptive transmission
Safety features: Six airbags, electric stability program with EBD and EBA, adaptive headlights, blind spot information system (BLIS)
Price: RM173,888 (OTR with GST and insurance)


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