Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 – Off To A Strong Start

POSTED BY admin ON 28 March 2012

The Subaru BRZ has went on sale in Japan on Feb-3. Between then until March-3, the BRZ has accumulated a total of 3,551 units in sales, nearly four times its initial monthly sales target of 900 units/month.

According to Subaru, actual customers who bought the car were similar to the company’s own projections. More than 50 percent of BRZ buyers are under the age of 40, and 66 percent of them opted for a manual transmission.

Subaru’s trademark WR Blue Mica was the most popular colour (34 percent take up rate), followed by Satin White Pearl at 24 percent.

The top grade S variant contributed the bulk of the sales, over 78 percent. The most basic ‘tuner’ spec RA variant was the least popular, contributing only 3 percent of BRZ’s total sales in Japan. The RA specs have steel wheels and is targeted at the tuner crowd who will disassemble almost all stock parts with after market parts.

The BRZ starts at 2.06 million Yen (about RM 74,000) in Japan for the basic RA grade, going up to 2.79 million Yen (about RM 103,000) for the top range S grade automatic model. The S manual sells for 2.87 million Yen (about RM 106,000)

The BRZ’s twin brother the Toyota GT86, retails in Japan for 1.99 million Yen (about RM 74,000) for the basic RC grade, going up to 3.05 million Yen (RM 113,000) for the top grade GT Limited automatic. The GT Limited manual sells for 2.97 million Yen (about RM 110,000).

Toyota does not release demographic details nor the sales breakdown by grade, but says orders collected within the first month of launch was 7,000 units, seven times more than Toyota’s target.

In Japan, the GT monicker is dropped and the model is only known as the Toyota 86.

Motor Image will be launching the BRZ in Singapore next month. Earlier last year, Motor Image’s CEO Glenn Tan mentioned he intends to launch the BRZ in Malaysia by the last quarter of 2012, but stopped short of confirming it.

The grapevine says UMW Toyota will also be importing the 86.

In any case, don’t expect either the BRZ or GT86 to be cheap once it reaches here. Toyota Motor Co.’s president Akio Toyoda may have intended to GT86 to be an affordable sports car to attract the young, but the Malaysian policy and import duties killed it.

Expect prices to be well over RM 200,000, easily. RM 250,000 is more like it.

Plus, there are questions on whether the government will allocate sufficient APs for both UMW Toyota and the Tan Chong group.

Infiniti will be ramping up its operations in a big way this year.

Renault is slowly gaining traction with a proper business plan and reasonable investment by TC Eurocars.

UMW Toyota is focusing on hybrids and Lexus models for its CBU business.

Whatever little APs these companies have will be first allocated to these priority business units / hybrid models.

TV Commercial for the Subaru BRZ in Japan.

This set of shots below have been circulating in various BRZ / GT86 forums but nobody knows where they originated from. It appears to be part of a promo campaign that didn’t make the final cut. Clearly the shots were commissioned by Toyota as Tetsuya Tada, the chief engineer of the GT86 / BRZ is in one of the shots.


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