SmartTAG … MaxTAG both can use free-flow SmartTAG lane

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 28 September 2018


Heavy-duty users of the SmartTag system can breathe easy now that the technology owner, EFKON Asia Sdn Bhd, has said that it will continue to provide sales and support the community of four million users.

In an earlier statement by , the highway operators and the government have also declared that they are also going to keep the SmartTAG lanes for another five years.

In a press statement issued today, EFKON Asia Sdn Bhd, the Austrian technology provider of the hybrid RFID and Infra-Red Toll Collection System on Malaysian highways, added that the infra-red TAG device will be available under various brands which will be fully compatible with the current Malaysian toll system.

“MaxTAG by Sigma Technology Sdn Bhd is already on sale on e-commerce platforms such as www.lazada.com.my and is 100 per-cent compatible with SmartTAG,” said Mr Helmuth Blasch, EFKON Asia director.

“The company’s Infra-Red Toll Collection System is also ready and suited for multi-lane traffic free flow.

“In Germany, a similar Infra-Red System has proven to be effective and reliable in multi-lane traffic free flow environment for speeds above 120 km/h. We have also successfully replicated this test in Malaysia.

Touch ‘n Go Sdn Bhd had recently announced that it would stop selling SmartTAG devices through its channels, causing a lot of concern to motorists who were attached to the SmartTAG and the access to smoother-flowing SmartTAG lanes.

By October 2018, EFKON Asia plans to have in place a nationwide sales and service network to ensure wider availability and convenience to highway users who wish to purchase or service the Infra-Red TAG device.



In a firm endorsement of the device’s effectiveness, EFKON’s product has been incorporated as a built-in device in several new car models by major automotive manufacturers in the country at a rate of hundreds of thousands of units a year.


The TAG, which is manufactured in Malaysia, is also exported to Vietnam and Indonesia with a fast-expanding network of highways and toll user communities.


Developed in 1997 and rolled out across the country in 2005, the hybrid RFID and Infra-Red Toll Collection System developed by local companies together with EFKON has proven to be the most reliable and efficient system in facilitating traffic flow on Malaysian highways.

In contrast to simple solutions, the Infra-Red DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) System also provides high security and protection from cloning the TAG for misuse.

“We are confident that this Infra-Red TAG System with its 13-year track record and more than four million satisfied customers in this country, will continue to prove its worth as an efficient, convenient and cost-effective cashless toll collection system,” he said.

For more information, kindly visit www.efkon.com or send your requests to [email protected] or to https://www.lazada.com.my/products/maxtag-smarttag-compatible





EFKON GmbH, a subsidiary of the European construction company STRABAG SE, is one of the world’s leading providers of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), enforcement and traffic telematic solutions. EFKON has significant know-how in all major electronic tolling technologies and provides customised turnkey solutions. Headquartered in Raaba by Graz, Austria, EFKON’s activities are worldwide. Subsidiaries are in Belgium, Ireland, Malaysia, India and South Africa.





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