Seeking more SUV comfort

POSTED BY CBT Team ON 17 July 2014

Autocare 20

I just bought new Hyundai Santa Fe CRDI 2.2 AWD.

Its torque is superb but I’m not sure how to rate its suspension performance.

It’s probably due to my nine year ownership of a Toyota Vios compact sedan that I found to be very comfortable.

I know it’s not a good comparison but I found the Vios to be very comfortable, especially when driving over bumps.

I think the Santa Fe suspension is alright. It uses APM absorbers. I’m not sure about this brand but I will change over to Monroe after the two year warranty on this current suspension has expired.

I would like to know also what I should upgrade to make my Santa Fe suspension more comfortable on the road.

Also, can you do a benchmark seven-seater SUV test (Toyota Fortuner, Honda CR-V, Chevrolet Captiva) in terms of performance, comfort and fuel efficiency.

Nizam ([email protected])


Hi Nizam,

SUVs and crossovers are a funny breed of vehicle. They are neither here nor there and while some attempt to mimic saloon cars in many ways, because of their construction they tend to be heavier and behave differently.

So it’s no surprise that someone who has been used to driving saloons may find an SUV probably a bit unwieldy and the comfort levels not the same. After all, it is a “crossover.”

By all means the suspension can be tuned down with softer springs and shocks but the next comment would be that the vehicle is “wallowing” in uneven road conditions.

The APM shocks are not the problem even though they are locally manufactured; and I am sure they are specced to the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer. Actually it is not the brand of the shock but rather the type of shock that you install.

Shocks come in many varieties such as single acting, double acting, load levellers, gas filled, etc., and sometimes it is necessary to do some experimentation to find the set up that suits you and your driving habits best.

There is one major after-market suspension equipment wholesaler in Shah Alam that specialises in 4x4s and SUVs. There is also a shop in Taman Perindustrian Jaya in Ara Damansara that specialises in making absorbers to suit the individual driver’s need.