RFID vs Touch n Go

POSTED BY Kaynis Chong ON 02 July 2019

Recently there was a Facebook video of a Touch N Go (TNG) user who somberly complained that the TNG system had over-deducted his TNG card twice.
After investigations, it turned out that he had used one card to enter the highway and another card to exit. Mistakes happen to anybody.

That type of error will be a thing of the past with the LokaTag. This is essentially a Smart Tag but one which is fitted into the car as a split-unit by any participating auto accessory shop.

The Lokatag is the first built-in toll reader for the aftermarket, and it complements TNG toll-readers which are available on certain Toyota and Perodua models as factory-fitted options.

The Lokatag built-in toll reader offers a premium alternative to the portable MaxTAG that was launched in October 2018. As an integrated unit, it is powered by the vehicle’s battery and comes with backlighting and is compatible for all passenger vehicle models for an uneventful ride using SmartTAG lanes on all tolled highways nationwide.

To be launched on 10 July by EFKON, the Austrian technology provider of Malaysia’s nationwide infra-red electronic tolling system, the price will be at a premium over the RM150 MaxTAG. The system will be launched in collaboration with LokaTech Engineering Sdn Bhd.