Revoke PSV licence of recalcitrant bus drivers

POSTED BY CBT Team ON 12 August 2014

Bus driver protest entering Singapore

In protest against the toll hike, many factory bus drivers parked their vehicles at the entrance of the Johor Baru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex on Aug 1 morning.

The blockade stranded thousands of passengers. Many of those who walked across the causeway arrived late for work or schools in Singapore.

Many others could not reach their destination. The toll on productivity and loss of income amounted to millions of dollars.

The recalcitrant factory bus drivers had no regard for others and ought to be investigated under the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012, as a RM300 compound fine to settle a summons is too paltry compared to the havoc they have caused.

The Road Transport Department should also take steps to revoke the public service vehicle (PSV) licences of drivers who are a disservice to the public.

If it is not within their jurisdiction, then the Road Transport Act be amended accordingly as it is not appropriate to categorise public transport under essential services such as water and electricity.

This will send a strong and clear message to all taxi and bus drivers that their PSV licence is meant to serve the public, which should not be used as a pawn to vent their frustrations.

Malaysians in possession of a heavy driving licence and wish to drive a public service vehicle have to enrol for a short course to obtain the PSV licence.

But after gaining the licence, many do not seem to know or have conveniently forgotten that their role is to serve the public and not holding it to ransom.

YS Chan
Kuala Lumpur


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