Red Carpet: Ferrari’s accolade to Hollywood and beyond

POSTED BY Amirul Hazmi ON 22 February 2016

_MG_9605A new exhibition will be unveiled at the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena

entitled “ Red Carpet” to celebrate Enzo Ferrari’s birthday. As the name
suggest, the exhibit is a tribute to Ferrari’s role on the Silver Screen.

This exhibition will bring together the models used on screen with the clips
of them in a homage of sorts to the world of film and television.

From the famous Magnum PI 308 GTS to the Miami Vice Testarossa, the 512S
used in Le Mans to the 375 America driven by Sofia Loren in Boy on a
Dolphin, all will be quickly featured to spot their star quality and give them
their moment of spotlight.


Like any exhibition, special artistic appearance will include the F430
Schumacher voiced in Cars, complete with big cartoon eyes. Thomassina, an
American-style Ferrari sculpted by designer Tom Mead on 250 GT running
gear is also picked.

Contemporary Formula 1 car will be featured as the symbol to movies like
Gradn Prix, Le Mans and Rush as Ferrari would never have existed without
the track.

By: Amirul Hazmi


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