Pulling away in the EV movement

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 02 April 2018

Thailand plans to introduce 1,000 pure electric vehicles (EVs) to Bangkok by 2019.

The Department of Land Transport has selected BYD’s e6 as its official EV. This is a coup for BYD, which sees this as an opportunity to break into the southeast Asian market, after rolling out its pure electric e6 taxis in more than 10 countries.

The e6 is popularly used as a taxi in Shenzhen, China and has a maximum range of 350km on a single charge. Similarly, it will operate in Bangkok as a premium taxi.


The BYD e6 will operate in Bangkok as a premium taxi service

Sanit Phromwong, director-general of the Department of Land Transport said BYD aims to introduce 1,000 EV taxis in Thailand by 2019, with the first hundred scheduled to hit the streets this month.

The official selection of BYD as the provider of the country’s first fleet of EV taxis is in line with the country’s ambitions of having 1.2 million green vehicles on its streets.

Thailand has over the years introduced policies ranging from a tariff to corporate income tax cuts to boost the production and use of EVs in the country.

“We are honoured to have secured the trust of Thailand’s authorities amidst stiff competition,” said Liu Xueliang, general manager of BYD Asia Pacific Auto Sales Division.

Sanit Phromwong, director-general of the Department of Land Transport

“In future, everyone will have the added option of experiencing the sights and sounds of Bangkok in comfort, and in a way that’s better for the environment.”

In 2017, BYD sold around 130,000 units of new energy vehicles, ranking number one in global new energy vehicle sales for the third consecutive year. Since its establishment in 1995, the company’s renewable energy products have made an impact in more than 200 cities around the world, including Okinawa, London and Singapore.

BYD Company Ltd is a leading high-tech multinational company based in Shenzhen, China. BYD has developed solid expertise in rechargeable batteries and has expanded its renewable energy solutions globally with operations in over 50 countries.

After 23 years of development, BYD has created a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem – affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage, cutting-edge electrified transportation and a state of the art monorail – making it an industry leader in the energy and transportation sector. BYD is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


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