Protection and easy cleaning

POSTED BY Ayisy Yusof ON 05 November 2015


CHEMICAL Guys Malaysia will be exhibiting its range of products at the NST-MAI Asean Auto Show 2015 from Nov 12 to 15 at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

It is offering car care chemicals and car wash accessories such as Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating and Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleaner at attractive prices.

The Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating is an advanced hydrophobic protective coating which offers durable protection against the harshest elements such as pollution, water spots, bird droppings, contamination and ultra-violet rays.

Additionally, it gives protection against fading, oxidation, discolouration and corrosion as well as resistance to wash chemicals, pressure washers and acid rain.

The hydrophobic self-cleaning effect is able to remove contaminants, allowing water to rapidly glide off from its surface with a flexible texture that helps reject scratches and swirls.

With one application giving protection of up to 36 months, users can get benefits from its anti-static properties, reducing dirt cling and extend cleaning intervals.


On the other hand, the Honeydew Snow Foam Auto Wash Cleanser is the first auto shampoo designed to create copious amounts of cleaning suds in a foam cannon or foam gun, offering touchless washing.

Using the snow foam for car wash helps in reducing the chances of scratching the car. The foam is thicker, slicker and more gentle. The powerful hyper surfactants cut through dirt and grime, lift them from sensitive automotive paintwork with billions of scrubbing bubbles, then safely lubricate and guide them off the paint for a scratch-free wash.

The pH-neutral formula is gentle on wax coatings and safe to use in direct sunlight for a spot-free wash.


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