Prius Facelift and Prius c Launching Today

POSTED BY admin ON 20 February 2012

UMW Toyota will be launching the Prius Minor Change (facelift in Toyota lingo) and its younger brother, the Prius c later today. We are currently at the launch venue in Sunway Convention Centre, do check back again later in the evening for more details.

Meanwhile, below is what we know about these two cars.

Changes for 2012 Prius facelift

  • New front bumper
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • New tail light cluster
  • New 15-inch wheel design for certain markets
  • Price is now up by RM 3,100 (estimated new is RM 143,000)

Prius facelift, European model shown with options.

Prius pre-facelift, US model shown with options

Prius facelift, European model shown with options

Prius pre-facelift, US model shown with options

Prius c

  • Currently the most fuel efficient non-plug-in hybrid on sale, even more fuel efficient than the Prius (32.6 km/litre, JC08)
  • Fuel consumption is 35.4 km/litre (Japan JC08 test cycle, maximum 80 km/h), about 22.5 km/liter in city, 19.6 km/litre on highway and a combined rating of 21.3 km/litre when tested under US EPA test cycle (maximum maximum 128 km/h).
  • Uses the same 1.5-liter 1NZ-FXE Atkinson cycle petrol engine from the previous generation Prius, but mated to smaller electric motors to fit into the Prius c’s smaller overall package.
  • ‘Fun’ and youth oriented vehicle image, with a centre of gravity achieved from innovative placement of heavier hybrid components below the rear seats and nearer to the center of the car (conventional position is below the boot)
  •  7 airbags, electronic stability control (VSC in Toyota speak) and ISOFIX child seat support.
  • Cruise control, climate control (single zone) TouchTracer steering wheel button control, TFT colour screen
  • Estimated price RM 103,990 97,000

US model shown, with options

More on the Prius c here.


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