Pick of the Week: Kia Forte Koup

POSTED BY Vishal Bhaskaran ON 30 April 2015

Priced at RM115k (OTR) upon Malaysian market release in 2011, Kia’s first ever two door coupe was probably one of the best value for money buys on the market.

Packing the same four-cylinder 2.0-litre Theta II engine as the range topping Forte 2.0SX sedan mated to a six-speed automatic transmission — at least one cog more than anything of that price range that Japanese automakers were offering here — the Koup was the thinking buyer’s choice for a well-equipped sporty coupe.

Kia Forte Koup

Coupe here is the operative word, the Forte Koup was completely in a class of its own as there was no other Asian manufacturer, or any for that matter that offered a coupe at that price point bar the entry-level Hyundai Veloster manual which started at RM117k upon launch in 2012.

A host of premium features usually reserved — at the time at least — to more expensive cars such as bluetooth phone connectivity and rear-view camera integrated into the central mirror were included, in addition to push-start ignition and a retractable sun roof came as standard in the Koup.

Power was a healthy 154hp and 194Nm from the CVVT (continuously variable valve timing) engine with paddle shifters for that extra level of control.

A few years down the road and a circa 2011-2012 Forte Koup can be had from between RM70k to RM80k. In our opinion, this is an absolute steal for one of Kia’s best cars, underpriced to compete with the standard Japanese fare when Korean automotive manufacturers were still trading on price as they built a reputation.

Look out for:

Be sure to test the Koup on rough roads, some early Forte customers reported either squeaking or mild rattling coming from the dashboard and such testing should reveal whether this issue has been resolved in that particular car.

Another known problem with Fortes out of the factory is a noticeable pull to the left, however Kia had issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB CHA 032) that provided a solution to the issue alongside an explanation as to why it occurred.

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