Peugeot to axe model range to 13

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 18 September 2015

FRENCH car maker Peugeot is set to reduce its model lines by half by the turn of the decade, as the company moves back into the black.

To be deleted are cars not aligned with current model ranges, such as the RCZ, RCZ-R and 208CC, while the future of the Mitsubishi ASX-based 4008 crossover is uncertain.

Of the 26 models currently on the company’s books, Peugeot Group boss Maxime Picat said he plans to keep just 13, including three or four SUVs, with the others to be phased out by 2020, GoAuto reports.

“The worldwide range in 2013/14 was 26 cars. Target is 13 in 2020 plus,” Picat told Australian journalists at the Frankfurt motor show.

“The situation in 2015 is the first 13 in sales in the world represent 99 per cent of my sales worldwide, and for more than 100 per cent of my profitability. So no risk. We have already cleaned the situation. I have already got my best 13 cars I want to focus on.

“But by 2020 it maybe another 13, depending on how the market could evolve.”

Picat acknowledged the rapid growth of the SUV sector, suggesting that it was now incorrect to merely call it a trend. He did sound a note of warning, though, that his company needs to find the Next Big Thing – and soon.

“We are not going for 100 per cent of SUV (sales),” he said. “People want SUVs now because of the high seating, and the fact that they are easy to get out of, and because they want to be different than their neighbours. Tomorrow, all the neighbours might have SUVs. This is a problem.

“Some countries like US and Australia are more SUV in their DNA, but one day that trend will have to change. (Customers) will want to differentiate again, and we want to invent something else to help them differentiate.

“That is one of my favourite questions of the moment – what will be the next trend after SUVs? There is no answer at the moment.”

Picat singled out the RCZ and the 208CC as examples of cars that the brand would banish in the next five years.

“I have great affection for both these cars …. but when you sell an RCZ, you do nothing to promote or extend the brand as a whole. If you sell a 308 GTi, you help the entire 308 line.”

Peugeot’s base performers will include cars from the 208, 308, 408, 508, 2008 and 3008 ranges.


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