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Onwards and upwards for Honda Malaysia

POSTED BY Vishal Bhaskaran ON 01 April 2015

Honda Malaysia made known its goal to be the best-selling non-national automotive brand in 2015 in resounding fashion at a media gathering on March 30 after acknowledging a record 2014.

Thanks in no small part to sales of the excellent new Honda City and the D-segment knockout achieved by the Accord, Honda achieved the top non-national spot for passenger cars last year with total sales of 77,485 units; a staggering year-on-year increase of 50.3 percent to achieve a market share of 11.6 percent.

All-new Honda City

With a combined sales figure in January and February of 12,563 units, Honda is forecasting a Q1 2015 tally of 21,563 units; a 38 percent increase compared to the same period in 2014.

An optimistic improvement target this may seem, however popularity of the new HR-V compact crossover has been a catalyst towards a forecasted 9,000 units in March alone. If achieved, March 2015 will be the best Honda sales month in history.

A reduction in price of CKD models as a result of GST introduction should definitely serve to further the cause, Honda are reporting a reduction across Jazz, City, HR-V, Civic, CR-V, and Accord model lines of between RM500 – RM 2,500.

Honda Malaysia GST pricelist

In line with the goals and objectives for 2015, Honda Malaysia aims to expand its dealer network — which currently consist of 75 3S, 4 1S, and 12 body and paint centres nationwide, enhance the quality of customer service and organise innovative activities to increase brand awareness and strengthen brand loyalty.

As demand for Honda vehicles in East Malaysia increases, resource allocation to the region will give rise to an increased brand support presence including a parts warehouse, training facilities, a centralised distribution centre (CDC), and a regional field office.


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