On the high side

POSTED BY CBT Team ON 22 May 2014


I own a 2008 re-conditioned Audi TT 2.0 turbo and I noticed that the oil consumption is quite high.

For every 2,000km mileage, I need to top up around 200-300ml of oil with no leakage found.

Is it normal? If not, what are the main causes and what are the rectifications?
– Aziz

Reply: Usually when one has high oil consumption on turbocharged cars and where there does not seem to be any leakage, then one needs to look at the turbocharger bearings for wear.

Almost all turbochargers use sleeve bearings that work perfectly well when there is minimum clearance but when the bearings wear, lubricant is sucked into the engine and burned away resulting in high oil consumption.

Get someone who knows turbos to have a look at the unit.