Oh Toh: Perodua conundrum

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 12 November 2015

Oh Toh 16

I’ve been driving manual cars all my life and now I’m in a dilemma because my daughter will soon be driving to her university which is about 20km away and she needs an automatic transmission car that’s easy to drive and park.

Between the Perodua Axia and Myvi (excluding trim/spec, airbag counts, ESC, petrol consumption & second hand value out of consideration);

a) Which body shell/structure is stronger and safer?

b) Which would maintenance costs be lower in the long run (say seven years)? (routine service, usual spares & automatic transmission oil change but excluding those major ones like CV, gaskets, pumps & etc.)



Reply: The straightforward answer would be to get the Perodua Myvi. The reasoning behind it is that it is a larger vehicle over the Axia and has a much more refined interior as well as driving feel. Furthermore, both are rated at a four-star ANCAP rating which translates into the same safety and shell rigidity.

Although the Axia is a newer vehicle, it slots into a segment below the Myvi but Perodua has somehow managed to engineer the same safety and shell rigidity into it as the Myvi. Since you have mentioned to discard other aspects such as trim, airbags and fuel consumption; the accurate answer here is that both structures are approximately of equal strength and rigidity.

However, as I said before a slightly larger, more refined and nicer to drive vehicle would definitely be a good choice for your daughter.

On the second point you brought up, I do not have exact figures but maintenance costs for Peroduas are generally affordable and the difference between the two should be negligible.

Therefore, I would strongly recommend the Myvi for your daughter but I always recommend for you to head to the Perodua showroom with your daughter in two and have her take both models out for a test drive before making your mind up.


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