Oh Toh: Tahap kemasukan ringkas

POSTED BY Dinesh Appavu ON 22 disember 2015

Oh Toh 6

Sekarang, Saya sedang mempertimbangkan untuk membeli Proton Iriz 1.6 CVT premium untuk anak perempuan saya untuk dia pergi ke kuliah.

Personally I preferred to get a Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance version but my daughter prefers the Iriz because it has much better styling and specifications, especially in the safety department six air bags and ESC, which the Myvi doesn’t have.

tetapi, I’m quite concerned with the reliability and build quality of Proton models because as an ex-Proton owner, I’m afraid the car will suffer quite a lot of problems although Proton has already said that they’ve improved the build quality of their cars.

What about the CVT gearbox? Has Proton already improved the CVT performance? Do you think the Iriz is value for money and worth it?

Ahmad Ariff


Balas: This is one of the age-old questions that get asked by buyers on the lookout for their first car or perhaps a car for their children; exactly the situation you are in now. And depending on the situation, the answer will always differ according to the requirements and usage.

Dalam situasi ini, one that has been asked before as well, I would recommend the Proton Iriz for the exact same reason that you and your daughter mentioned; the safety aspect.

The Iriz has a five star Asean NCAP rating with the full works of six airbags and electronic safety nannies. I do believe it is the most affordable car in the market with that rating and equipment list.

Given that your daughter will most likely be driving by herself most of the time, safety should be a priority and on that point alone, my vote would be for the Iriz.

To answer your question, the CVT in the Iriz is definitely not one of its finer points and lacks refinement although it does get the job done and has been problem-free. As for the build quality, Proton has certainly upped their game by quite a leap and the interior is a decent place to be in.

Minor issues still pop up here and there but nothing major has surfaced as of yet, so I do believe that it will not be a setback for you.

Perhaps in a different situation, the Myvi would be the answer but in your case I strongly recommend opting for the Iriz for some peace of mind and your daughter’s safety on the road.


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