NST MAI ASEAN Auto Show 2015 all ready to thrill

POSTED BY Tony Yew ON 18 October 2015

NST MAI ASean Autoshow

The NST MAI (Malaysian Automotive Institute) ASEAN Auto show is set to showcase the largest exhibition of cars in 2015. Held between November 12-15 at The Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre, this show has come a long way since its debut of only  two days in 2010. This year’s edition has been extended to  four days.

With over 120 cars being exhibited, visitors will also be spoilt for choice should they wish to test drive selected models. A part from this, exhibitors have also made pledges of prizes and gifts for those wishing to book their cars at the show. Rest assured, special financial packages will be offered!

A special Classic Car Concourse alongside car clinics  and auto accessories  will definitely entice visitors looking for more. Certain manufacturers have pulled out all the stops by creating special purpose exhibits and this includes the Subaru Obstacle Course, the Ford 4×4 experience as well as an Electric Bus. With all these cars, one should not be surprised to find that a leading fuel supplier will be doing a EURO 5 Diesel promotion.

Unlike conventional shows, The NST MAI ASEAN Auto show 2015 will also have pre-owned cars and motorbikes ready for sale. Be sure to catch a glimpse and feel of  Malaysia’s first locally made camper caravan, if you can pull yourself away from the many product  launches and daily prizes that is sure to hypnotise!


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