Nissan’s diesel Qashqai banned in South Korea

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 08 June 2016

SOUTH Korea has smacked a ban on Nissan Qashqai diesel SUVs being sold in the country.

Charging that Nissan faked emissions results on the diesel Qashqai, South Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MOE) has ordered Nissan Korea Co, the local unit of the Japanese carmaker, to recall 814 units of the SUVs already sold in the country; banned sales of the vehicle; imposed a 340 million won (RM900,000) fine; and has filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office against the head of Nissan Korea.

In May, MOE charged that the Nissan Qashqai sold in South Korea was arbitrarily setting its engine system to illegally control exhaust emissions.

The government recently launched a nationwide probe into 20 diesel car models sold in South Korea, sparked by Volkswagen’s emissions scandal last year.

During a hearing in late May, Nissan Korea denied allegations it arbitrarily stopped the exhaust gas recirculation function at temperatures over 35 ?C to fabricate emissions results, according to the ministry.

Nissan responded to the latest actions by MOE by saying that it is working closely and transparently with the Korean government concerning real-world NOxemissions of the Qashqai.

Senior Nissan representatives met several times with Ministry of Environment officials to discuss the government’s concerns.

Nissan continues to maintain, as it has throughout the discussions, that it has complied with all existing regulations and did not use an “unjustified arbitrary setup” or an illegal defeat device in the vehicle.

The Qashqai sold in Korea has been properly homologated to Euro 6 emission standards. This vehicle was certified by the Korean government last year under regulations permitting the importation and sales of vehicles that comply with these emission standards.

Nissan said it is studying the conclusions reached by the MOE and is currently exploring its options.

Nissan informed MOE officials that it is ready to implement technical improvements that will reduce real-world NOx emissions.


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