model baru dan kenderaan konsep untuk ke-39 Bangkok International Motor Show

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 21 Mac 2018

Bertemakan "Revolution in Motion", Bangkok International Motor Show tahun ini (BIMS) akan menjadi yang pertama bagi kumpulan Grand Prix sebagai sebuah syarikat awam berhad, following its successful listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) a few months ago.

Lebih daripada 30 world leading car makers and 15 motorcycle manufacturers will exhibit their latest technology at the BIMS, which is billed as an event that will boost the Thai automotive industry by generating sales of more than 40 billion baht.

Dr Prachin Eamlumnow, president and chief executive officer of Grand Prix International PLC as well as chairman of the 39th Bangkok International Motor Show, explains that the theme “Revolution in Motion” means that automotive technology and innovation is unstoppable.

“As usual, this year we are endorsed by our long-time kind supporters, The Royal Automobile Association of Thailand under Royal Patronage, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Tourism & Sports, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Society of Automotive Engineer – Thailand, Thai Autoparts Manufacturers Association and the Kits and Accessory Parts of Motorcycle (Thai) Persatuan,” says Dr Prachin.

Dr Prachin Eamlumnow

“A bigger number of plug-in hybrid powered vehicles is brought in to let visitors understand how technological advanced a future car for the Thailand market would be.

“The Bangkok International Motor Show is not just a show that brings together the latest automotive technology but also plays an important role in stimulating the economy of the entire nation. The show will boost the circulation of money to not less than 40 billion Baht throughout the show, starting from the first set up day to the final dismantling day,” he continues.

“Part of the money flows to the associated business sectors such as booth design, construction work, transportation of freight, displayed vehicles and exhibits as well as employment of various personnel, while another part comprises the sale of cars and motorcycles at the show.

Jaturont Komolmis

“In addition to the exhibition of new technology automobiles, BIMS also creates an even livelier atmosphere for Thai auto market.

“Consumers are being offered an opportunity to make a decision from a wide variety of products at just one event.”

Dr. Prachin also shares the situation of the auto market for 2018.

“This year’s sales volume is estimated to notch about 800,000 unit. yang 3.5% GDP growth rate announced by the Ministry of Finance is a significant cue to the positive economic trend in the country, including the automotive industry.

“More positive trends this year include the launching of new models that have been delayed since the end of 2017. These postponed models which are gradually being launched to the market are in the subcompact and compact segments.

“Another important factor is the expiration of the “first car” initiative which required participating owners to hold their cars for five consecutive years. The start of the campaign matured in October 2016 and as a result, the owners involved in the campaign are now allowed to replace the car bought under the scheme.

"Bagaimanapun, in what segment they are going to choose is yet unknown since they might opt for a bigger car or remain within the same segment.

“In addition, the banks are also relaxing their loan conditions and helping new owners buy cars,” says Dr Prachin.

Jaturont Komolmis, executive committee member and chief operating officer of Grand Prix PLC as well as vice-chairman of the show is confident that there will be more visitors than last year.

“We would like to recommend visitors to appreciate the design of each pavilion. Some exhibitors have invested as much as a hundred million Baht (roughly RM10mil) to host the presentation of their latest world class automobiles,” says Jaturont.

The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show features the introduction of more than 10 models from both car and motorcycle companies, such as the New Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe, the New BMW 5 Siri, Porsche Panamera 4S, Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge Limited Edition, while there will be 3 concept cars from Toyota, Mitsubishi and Nissan.

The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show will be held from March 28 to April 8 at Challenger Hall 1-3, Impact Maung Thong Thani. Untuk maklumat lanjut, visit bangkok-motorshow.com


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