Presiden baru IOF mencadangkan pembentukan Four Wheel Drive Persatuan ASEAN

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 01 Mungkin 2019

Oleh Yamin Vong

Jakarta, Indonesia

25 April 2019


General Sam Budigusdian, 56, presiden baru Indonesia Off-road Russian (IOF), has big plans for the community.

Elected for a four-year term starting January 2019, General Sam Budi, as he’s popularly called, is pushing for an ASEAN Four Wheel Drive Association (AFWDA).

“We would like to make an official statement about the AFWDA in conjunction with an extreme four-day off-road event in West Java, Jati Luhur, pada bulan November,” Gen. Sam said on the sidelines of the IOF pavilion at the Indonesia International Motor Show last week.

“The first two days are for elimination rounds and the last two days are for the 10 finalists to slug it out. It’s going to be an Open class event and we expect only the buggies will survive to the finals. I don’t think the standard 4×4’s will survive the extreme challenge.” beliau berkata.

“We invite the Malaysians, Thais and Filipinos to bring their own vehicles or rent buggies from our IOF community.

“Our members, one of whom is Markus Arianto, are preparing to build a family of buggies with some common specifications for rental as competition vehicles,"Katanya.

The buggy driveline includes:

Engine: Toyota 3UZ (4.7 litre petrol V8 from the Lexus/Cygnus 470)

Main gearbox: Toyota BJ 60

Front axle: IFS from Toyota Prado

Rear Axle: Toyota 80 Siri.

General Sam started off-roading when he was 24 and starting his career in the police as an Inspector in Malang, his hometown in East Java.

“At that time, there were plenty of Willy’s Jeeps from the military, a lot of army battalions with Jeeps and I bought one which was sold as scrap for IDR600,000 rupiah,"
His collection is now extensive and spans the world of legendary 4×4 brands.

Of Land Rovers, he has more than a dozen Land Rovers — Siri 2 SWB, LWB wagon, LWB pick-up, Discovery 4, Range Rovers etc.

His Toyota collection includes FJ’s — 40, 45, 55, 60, 62 dan 70.

Of Mercedes-Benz, he has the MB G-wagen Mil Spec 290 diesel, and if that’s not big enough, Gen. Sam has his Unimog 1300 station wagen which is powered by the old diesel OM352. It delivers about 120 hp from an in-line 6 engine displacing 5.6 litre and drives a dual range 8-speed gearbox.

His collection of course extends to the military and he’s the proud owner of a M35 6×6 wheel drive troop carrier. The M35 is the legendary workhorse of the Vietnam war which is powered by a 6-cylinder diesel.

The new IOF office bearers includes the Honorary General Secretary, Joko Permana, an oil palm planter in Kalimantan.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, contact IOF’s International Liason, R Tunggul Birawa +62 821 4466 5278 or email [email protected]

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