New engine oil by Honda Malaysia

POSTED BY ON 27 November 2014

SN 0W-20 engine oil

HONDA Malaysia introduced its new range of genuine engine oil, which now comes in a brand new packaging, it said in a statement recently.

The new SN 0W-20 engine oil has the lowest viscosity, providing the ultimate combination of protection, performance and better fuel efficiency for better mileage and cost savings.

Formulated to fulfill all the requirements of the Honda engine, the range has been approved by its Research and Development (R&D) for its quality and performance while meeting the latest specification standard set by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Through technological advancements, the company managed to develop low viscosity engine oil that not only provides protection but also enhance the smoothness of the Honda engines.

This in turn leads to better fuel efficiency without jeopardising performance.

Dalam perkembangan lain, Honda also announced the employment of a bulk system for the SN 0W-20 engine oil which will be expanded to authorized Honda dealers nationwide.

The bulk system ensures volume accuracy which increases efficiency at service operations, therefore reducing bottle disposal and unused oil wastage.

This is an effective step for Honda in achieving its Global Environment Goal of Triple Zero, underlining its goal to reach zero carbon emissions, zero waste and zero energy risk.

The SN 0W-20 is the first genuine engine oil to implement the bulk system and will now be sold by actual usage.

The line-up of Honda’s current and upgraded genuine engine oil is shown below:

SL 10W-30 Mineral SN 10W-30 Mineral
SM 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic SN 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic
SM 0W-20 Full-Synthetic SN 0W-20 Full-Synthetic
SL 5W-40 Full-Synthetic SN 0W-30 Full-Synthetic


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