New Cee'd headed for Geneva

POSTED BY admin ON 17 February 2012

Launching a big Kia limousine at Geneva sounds out of place for a company whose role with Hyundai is to bait younger audiences.

The announcement of the debut of Kia’s new second-generation Cee’d hatchback, on the other hand, sounds right on the money.

While the 2006 original looked cutting edge for the then emerging Korean company, the new one takes its looks a step further with a sleeker front, curvaceous flanks, and a more pronounced rump.

The Volkswagen Golf rival is said to be longer, wider, and lower than its predecessor, though there is no word if there is an increase in space, considering that the new Cee’d maintains the wheelbase dimensions.

Like its bigger brother, the Optima, the Cee’d’s dashboard is cantered slightly towards the driver, while Kia claims the quality of its materials and switchgear has been improved to give it a slightly more up-market feel.


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