New car gone bad – Will Proton make it good again?

POSTED BY Tony Yew ON 04 January 2016

It is always a difficult task, trying to establish the facts of the case. Moreover this one affects a 6 month old car that is still under warranty.

Faizul loves driving the car, however there are several issues that has been haunting him, and he did not exactly get a firm and positive response from Proton despite sending in his car whenever the problem arose.

Cars, Bikes & Trucks accompanied Faizul to collect his car on 18 December 2015 and while there he discovered that his reverse sensors had some problems.

On 2nd of January, Faizul informed us of new problems arising from his Iriz.

We checked with Proton prior to Faizul collecting his car, and we were told that Faizul’s problem had been a ‘first’ for Proton. What we do confirm is that Faizul has already ran out of patience with Proton’s handling of his car. Read for yourself what Faizul shared with us below.

*Cars, Bikes & Trucks have put Proton in touch with Faizul on issues arising from his car, and will publish their response when we get it.

Proton Iriz