Mitsubishi Triton Lite – Now With A Turbo

POSTED BY admin ON 27 March 2012

The Mitsubishi Triton Lite is one of those unpretentious cars that forms the backbone of many SME businesses. Compared to the more well appointed Triton 2.5 VGT, the Triton Lite misses out on a common rail direct injection diesel engine, 4×4 drivetrain, automatic transmission option while the interior makes do with basic trimmings and a 1-DIN audio. But these ommission knocks nearly RM 30,000 off its selling price so nobody is complaining.

As of last year, the Triton Lite contributed nearly 20 percent of all Triton sales.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has given the Triton Lite a mid-life update. The Triton Lite’s 2.5-litre SOHC engine now comes with a turbocharger, although it is not of the variable geometry turbo (VGT) type fitted in the more expensive Triton VGT.

Introduction of forced induction now bumps up the power output from 74 hp to 88 hp. Peak output is now generated 200 rpm lower at 4,000 rpm.

More importantly, the torque figures, which is what really propels a car, is now up from 149 Nm to 196 Nm, arriving at 500 rpm earlier than before at 2,000 rpm.

Other changes include Lite Turbo stickers and a new design 1-DIN audio unit with aux-input.

The CBU from Thailand Triton Lite is priced at RM 65,997.10 on-the-road inclusive of insurance, a slight increase over the outgoing model’s RM 64,350.10.


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