Mitsubishi Triton Athlete: The pick-up facelift from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia.

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 24 January 2018

Launched recently in Kuala Lumpur by Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) chief executive officer, Tomoyuki Shinnishi, the pick-up truck is loaded with all a ton of options and is sold with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty or 200,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

This is a huge step forward for MMM as the Triton Athlete beats the warranty package of the Toyota Hilux, which is offered with a three-year manufacturer’s (or 100,000km) warranty and two years extended warranty.

Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s chief executive officer Tomoyuki Shinnishi and AmBank Group’s automotive financing expert Shahrul Hisham Tahir.

Bowing to durability, the engine timing is run by chain instead of a belt as in previous models.
In a first for a Triton, the Athlete is fitted with a touchscreen audio system with Bluetooth, USB and Apple Car Play connectivity, meaning smart phones can be mirrored on the car’s relatively larger touchscreen.

The Mitsubishi Triton can be traced back to almost two decades in Malaysia when it was first sold as the L200.
Then under USF-Fuso, the distributor’s finest moments was when its Mitsubishi Storm iteration dominated the market. The Mitsubishi Storm was the first pick-up truck with a Euro 3 engine running on a Swedish-developed turbocharger. It was, at the time, the only pick-up truck with an automatic gearbox.

Race car driver, drift queen and Mitsubishi Triton’s brand ambassador Leona Chin.

It is then an irony when its current five-speed auto transmission is outmatched by at least four other pick-up models in the market that offer six-speed automatic transmissions.

There are seven variants of the Triton available to the market, with prices ranging from RM77,390 for the basic model to the range-topping Athlete at RM127,000.

Specs: Mitsubishi Triton Athlete (automatic transmission).
Engine type: 2.4-litre turbo diesel, direct injection, common rail, VGT intercooler.
Maximum output (PS/kW) @ rpm: 181/133 @ 3,500rpm
Maximum torque Nm @ rpm: 430 @ 2,500rpm
Price: RM126,990


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