Mazda takes on German domination of M’sian diesel car market with CX5

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 22 julai 2016

Oleh Yamin Vong

SHAH ALAM: Mazda has become the first Japanese company take on German automakers BMW and Mercedes Benz who have dominated the Malaysian diesel passenger car market.

The incumbentsmarket share will first be challenged by Mazda’s locally assembled CX5 2.2L SkyActiv-D (below), retailing at RM161,529 for the value for money 2WD and 6-speed auto versiona decision taken with the recent availability of Euro 5 diesel di Malaysia.

The other diesel-powered model launched simultaneously is the fully imported Mazda6 sedan equipped with the same engine.


For motorists who love the torque and fuel efficiency of diesel engines but who didn’t want the high cost of maintaining premium German cars, the Mazda CX5 and Mazda6 2.2L SkyActiv Ds will be an answer to their quest for a modern value-for- money mainstream diesel car and value for money

The Mazda6 2.2L SkyActiv D, costing RM202,830, is fully loaded with active safety features including lane departure warning, rear cross traffic alert, smart city brake support (autonomous emergency braking) and blind spot monitoring.

yang 2.2 SkyActiv Diesel engine uses one of the most advanced fuel injectors – the multi-hole piezo electric injector – to improve the timing and precise delivery of the diesel in varying fuel spray patterns.

The new generation diesel engine which has won tax rebates for eco-cars in Japan uses a two-stage turbo. The first stage of the turbo starts spinning from low engine speeds to eliminate the traditional low rpm turbo lag while the second stage takes over from higher engine speeds.

Mazda’s legendary innovative spirit, as demonstrated by its rotary engines, lives on in this new SkyActiv diesel. It overturns some diesel conventions: compression ratio is 14:1, a reduction from the traditional 20:1 (20 parts air to one part of fuel).

The lower compression ratio and lower thrust loads means that the engine can be built with lighter modern metal alloys rather than the traditional cast iron of conventional diesel engines.

Lighter weight means less inertia. It makes higher speeds possible, addressing another problem of conventional diesel engines: low engine speeds compared to petrol engines.

In honour of his contribution, the retired President, Mazda Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. Hirotaka Kanazawa , widely regarded as the father of the Mazda SkyActiv Diesel engine was invited to attend Wednesday’s launch of Mazda’s diesel cars in Malaysia.

The Mazda CX-5 including its cross-over version, the 2WD CX5, and its torque-vectoring chassis control, is one of Mazda’s best selling models.

It has won an array of awards, including JD Power’s “Apeal Award” in some of the toughest, most matured and discerning markets such as Texas, USA. The Apeal (Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout) Award is given to the car that owners like the most after 90 days of ownership.

Mazda is represented in Malaysia by Prima Merdu, the sole and exclusive importer of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia. Bermaz Motor Sdn Bhd, listed under Berjaya Auto, is the exclusive distributor and it has a comprehensive line up of vehicles including SUVs, MPV’s, saloons, performance cars and the BT-50, a twin-cab pick up,

Main pic shows (frpom left): Hiroshi Inoue, executive officer& president of Mazda South East Asia, Mazda Motor Corporation and Datuk Seri Ben Yeoh, CEO of Berjaya Auto Bhd with the newly-launched CX-5 diesel-powered car.


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