Malaysian sales and production statistics: May 2017

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 22 June 2017

The automotive market for the month of May recorded 18% higher sales or 7,854 more units than April.

Sales also increased by 13 per cent or 5,932 units compared to the corresponding month in 2016.

The increase was attributed to the pre-Hari Raya festive season as well as new model launches by the various manufacturers, said the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) in its monthly automotive sales and production statement.

The Total Industry Volume for YTD May 2017 was also seven per cent higher than the similar period in 2016.

Outlook for June 2017

Sales volume for June is expected to maintain at the same level as the month of May due to the continuation of the many Hari Raya promotional campaigns. On the other hand, the shorter working month in June due to festive holidays would be counterproductive for sales volume.