Major sales success at the 39th Bangkok International Motor Show 2018

POSTED BY Yamin Vong ON 12 April 2018

The 39th Bangkok International Motor Show 2018 (BIMS), which ended on Sunday 8 April recorded a high number of vehicle bookings at 42, 499 units, from the 1.62 million visitors over 11 days.

There were approximately 1.62 million visitors at this year’s Bangkok International Motor Show.

“The market situation is back to normal. The 39th BIMS is a once again a successful event,” said Jaturont Komolmis, vice chairman of BIMS and chief operating officer of Grand Prix PLC.

He was referring to the disruptive effects of Thailand’s “first car buyer” programme launched in 2013, which disallowed participating first-time buyers from purchasing new cars for five years. This disrupted the market, causing similar effects to the cash-for-clunkers scheme in the US.

Continental and western cars were also crowd pullers at the show.

The number of the car and motorcycle reservations comprised of 36,587 cars and 5,912 motorcycles.

“Toyota got the highest number of bookings at 5,689 units. Second place went to Honda, which sold 5,133 units, and another 5,021 units were sold by Mazda.

“As for motorcycles, Honda Motor Co. had the highest sales with 2,628 units, second was Yamaha with 737 units and third was Kawasaki with the sale of 554 units,” said Jaturont in a media release.

Jaturont Komolmis, vice chairman of BIMS.

Small and medium cars and commercial vehicles remain popular with consumers. Despite the current news about the safety of using smaller cars for commercial purposes, cars in this category were attracting much attention from visitors. The reservations from this category represented 20-30% of this this year’s total reservations record.

Toyota had the highest units of cars sold, followed by Honda and Mazda.

“Electric cars exhibited at this event also received a lot of attention from visitors. If we look at the support from the government relating to electric cars, the electric car market is likely to improve in future.

“Throughout the years, BIMS continued to gain the trust of car, motorcycle and automotive entrepreneurs who participate and inject huge investment for booth designs,” he said.


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