MAI introduces E-Bus prototype

POSTED BY ON 12 November 2015

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IF we can have electric cars and motorcycles, it’s not impossible to have electric buses too.

Earlier at the NST-MAI Asean Autoshow, the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) introduced the E-Bus prototype, which was designed and built in Australia, an official spokesperson for the agency told Cars Bikes & Trucks.

The electric bus, which is expected to be fully commercialised in Malaysia by end-2016, is part of a joint project between Australia and Malaysia, and will be tested by low emissions vehicle technology provider AutoCRC, Bustech (part of Transit Australia Group), MAI, Swinburne University of Technology as well as local automobile designer Amber Dual.

It is understood that the E-Bus, which comes with a modular set of three 633V lithium-ion batteries (configurable to 90kWh, 180kWh and 270kWh), has a seating capacity of 65 passengers. The 270kWh block will provide a driving range of up to 200km.

The E-Bus is the latest energy efficient vehicle to be announced and showcased by MAI, which has been championing sustainability and green mobility as Malaysia prepares to develop into the region’s EEV hub in accordance with the 2014 National Automotive Policy.

Speaking during the opening ceremony this week, MAI chief executive Madani Sahari said, “The concept of EEV is rather new to most of the general populace of Malaysia, whom have been long accustomed to the conventional powertrain of the internal combustion engine.”

“We hope that the public will be more aware of the existence of and the progress made thus far, on the EEV technologies globally, particularly the electric vehicles.”

He added: ‘The exposure given by the NST-MAI Asean Autoshow 2015 provides basic education on EEVs and will inculcate the readiness of the public to accept the era of electric vehicles in the country in the near future.”







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