Fest Auto saya 2016: Tergesa-gesa untuk membeli-belah kereta Raya

POSTED BY ON 08 April 2016

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SEMUA ORANG lebih bersedia daripada musim perayaan Hari Raya yang akan datang. Persoalannya - adakah kereta anda juga?

It’s a mad rush for car companies and buyers to ring in the Eid period. For one thing, most long-distance travelling especially during the holidays are by personal vehicles and when going the distance, drivers make it a monumental effort to arrive at their destinations safely.

Selain itu, car companies see this as golden opportunity to clear off their stocks as quickly as possible orfor lack of a better statement–be able to provide car buyers with various options, perhaps, at discounted rates too.

In any case, the upcoming My Auto Fest car sales carnival promises some of the best deals for Hari Raya, and buying a new car to replace or supplement an existing, older one in the household for a hassle-free balik kampung journey seems like an exciting proposition that comes at such a tempting hour.

Car-breakdown paranoia aside, if there’s one thing to look forward to despite the never-ending price-hike announcements universally lamented by Malaysians, it would be price markdowns – something we all know for sure doesn’t happen every time we turn around.

In saying so, car purchasers on the lookout for exciting deals and promotions on the newest models may just be able to find what they want and need when the My Auto Fest 2016 makes its inaugural debut in end-May this year.

MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad

MAA president Datuk Aishah Ahmad

“Many car companies have upped their car prices due to the slump in the Malaysian Ringgit. The MAA council along with leading car manufacturers, distributors and dealers nationwide agreed that we should organize a sales-oriented and promotional event to encourage better sales leading up to the Hari Raya festivities,” Malaysian Automotive Association (EARTH) president Datuk Aishah Ahmad said at a press conference last week.

MAA expects participating companies to provide generous offers and substantial discounts to benefit car buyers in all segments at the carnival, as well as to boost weakening consumer sentiment in the wake of Malaysia’s slumping economy.

“These offers may be in the form of direct discounts, subsidised borrowing interests for car loans or event downpayment waivers,” Aishah said.

Organised by the MAA, the event will be held at the Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre from May 20 kepada 22.

Event plan and rationale

There was some confusion as to why the My Auto Fest event is held in the middle of the year rather than towards the end in a lead-up to the Christmas and Chinese New Year festivities.

“Based on the latest TIV figures, the auto industry reported weak sales for the first two months of 2016. And the best way to pump up the figures is to have this sales carnival a few months before Hari Raya, which happens to be the busiest travel season in Malaysia,” Aishah told Cars, Basikal & trak.

“The sales potential for this period is therefore a lot greater. When we approached the car companies to participate in the event, we encouraged them to lay out their best deals.”

MAA is also in the midst of discussions with several banks and insurance providers to seek their support and participation in the auto show.


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