M Performance Parts brings M to everyone

POSTED BY admin ON 17 February 2012

BMW has a busy schedule lined up for next month’s Geneva Motor Show, with the world debut of diesel powered M-cars, the M6 coupe, and the updated X6.

But regardless of which premiere you are looking forward to, the point that many will be questioning is the introduction of BMW’s new accessory division, BMW M Performance Parts.

Either way you look at it, it is the democratization of the M brand to the general BMW owners, it is what R3 is to Proton or Nismo is to Nissan.

According to BMW, the new M Performance Parts catalogue will be comprised of powertrain, suspension, aerodynamic, and cockpit components that were designed in close collaboration with the hallowed M GmbH division.

Unlike the M sport bodykits, which merely pumped up your BMW’s looks as much as its end price tag, the parts from M Performance Parts are said to have a tangible improvement in driving dynamics through improved engine power, weight reduction, and optimised aerodynamics.

Though BMW didn't care to explain if these bags improved performance

For now BMW says the M Performance Parts available for the 5-series, 3-series, and 5-door 1-series, and as usual, only available via authorised BMW centres.

It is too early to say if BMW Malaysia will introduce the M Performance Parts options list here in Malaysia, but considering the big appeal of tarted up and modified cars here, there isn’t a strong case against it either.

BMW lets you have a touch of M for the 1, 3, and 5, without having to buy an actual M car.



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