Lotus takes leave of their sense, signs on Masonry

POSTED BY admin ON 27 March 2012

Lotus Evora GTE by Swiss Beatz was one 'Special' designed by Lotus with the help of Masonry.

Since its conception Lotus Cars have been a very engineering focused company, obsessed with handling and lightweight, rather than speed or style.

However since Dany Bahar’s audacious plan to take on the likes of Ferrari or Porsche, it seems there the company has shifted part of its focus to the latter.

For long the words ‘Lotus cars’ and ‘cabin trim’ were mutually exclusive, so to take on the task of adding some style to their cars, Lotus has partnered with German luxury car customisation specialist Masonry as Lotus Cars’ official customisation studio.

To commemorate this collaborative effort, Lotus will launch a new model variant at this year’s Paris Motor Show with the collaborative effort of Masonry.

The decision comes after the positive response garnered at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show when Masonry unveiled a customised Lotus Evora known as the Evora Concept Bespoke, as well as several other collaborative projects between the two parties later on.

Masonry is now put in charge of contributing bodywork, trim, and special finishes to Lotus’ model range, though looking at the company’s track record, don’t expect work to rival the style of Italian exotica.

Founded in 1989 by Kourosh Masonry, the brand has made a name for itself in customising high-end performance and luxury cars from the Rolls-Royce Phantom to the Bugatti Veyron, and everything in between.

Very often the end result of his customisation work would be best described as eye-catching and shocking rather than automotive art.

For example...

While many motoring journalists labels Masonry’s works as tasteless, its founder says that he is just delivering what his extremely wealthy customers demand and business has been booming, thus proving once and for all that money doesn’t buy you taste.


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