Lotus Evora 400 — faster, lighter

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 19 February 2015

LOTUS has taken founder Colin Chapman’s mantra of “simplify, then add lightness” to a logical conclusion with its latest offering, the Evora 400, revealed on Wednesday.

Then Lotus engineers took it a step further by shoe horning the biggest supercharger they could find into the engine bay before dialling up the boost.

Touted as the fastest and most powerful road-going car in the history of the Lotus brand, the new Evora packs 400hp (at 700rpm) and 410Nm thanks to the addition of a more aggressive supercharger for its Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre V6 engine.

Lotus says the car is capable of dashing to 100kmh in 4.2 seconds, on to a top speed of 300kmh. The model laps Lotus’ Hethel test track six seconds faster than the regular Evora, helped by a 22-kilogram diet and more aggressive aerodynamics that set it apart from the previous model.

The Evora 400's cockpit

The Evora 400’s cockpit

The car is available with a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, though only the manual model features a limited slip differential.

Company chief executive Jean-Marc Gales says the coupe was designed “to be the quickest car from A to B”, and to provide an engaging driving experience.

Lotus says revised styling and a new rear diffuser help the Evora 400 perform on track and the revised styling and a new rear diffuser help the Evora 400 perform on track.

“The Evora 400 is the fastest road-going Lotus that we have ever produced, possessing performance that can only be matched by cars costing significantly more,” Gales says.

“It delivers supercar looks allied to supercar performance.”