Launderette boss with knack for speed

POSTED BY Amirul Hazmi ON 22 February 2016


SOME people may want something done but due to constraints such as space, knowledge and time, they do not have the convenience to do so.

The same applies to laundry. It might not be an issue for people who live with their family but it is a big deal for singles who living in rented rooms. Chances are, they have to send their clothes to the launderette.

To Nick Lim, 30, who is in charge of marketing and branding of Mama Jo Launderette, his aim in business is to provide solutions to the community.

“When my mother, Josephine Kong, started the laundry service, I was eager to apply my knowledge into the business,” he said.
“Other than normal services like wash, dry and fold, green earth dry cleaning, carpet and curtain cleaning as well as soft toys cleaning, Mama Jo also offers extra convenience for customers where we provide pick up and delivery service around the Klang Valley.

“Customers may also use our website at www.mamajo.com.my to place orders, make online payment and even track the status of their belongings assigned to us.”

Nick understands that most people nowadays just can’t get their eyes off that tiny bright screen, therefore taking the opportunity to offer laundry service via smartphones.

The laundry service was founded in 2007, but after Nick came back from Australia with a degree in computer science three years ago, he wanted to distinguish Mama Jo from a conventional laundry service to a technological-based one.

During his studies in Australia, Nick was lucky enough to have the chance to own a Nissan Skyline R33 (since the price of the car is still beyond reach for most of us here). When asked if the Skyline was his dream car, Nick stated that he just wanted to try to feel the car himself after seeing people being obsessed with the Japanese icon.

“When I purchased the car, it was six years old. The R34 Skyline was already on sale during that time, but I was more interested in the R33. I don’t have much technical knowledge in cars, but I do know what I want based on the car’s feedback,” he said.

“I would like my car to have less turbo lag; I don’t have the time or knowledge to tune the engine but as I assign my car to a mechanic, the turbo lag issue should be solved and the car can be suited to my driving style.

“With few modifications done to it other than reducing its turbo lag, most of it were to suit my driving pattern and purposes. “I had much fun with my friends with the car; night rides and track sessions.”

After about two years and lots of “tyre-skidding moments” with the Skyline, Nick sold the car before owning a seventh-generation Honda Accord for the rest of his time in Australia.

His passion with performance cars started after a V8 Experience in the Red Balloon Experience Gift. Together with his colleagues, Nick took the V8 for a few hot laps at the Wakefield Park Raceway.

“It was a new and adrenaline-pumping experience for me in the race-spec Holden V8. We also got to sit in a V8 Ferrari driven at full racing speed by a professional driver,” he added.

Nick’s first car prior to his student days was a Ford Telstar 2.0, but after graduating, he drove a Perodua Kenari before buying his current car, a Toyota Camry. The Kenari is now part of Mama Jo’s fleet for pick up and delivery service.


“My future car however would not be a performance car, I guess. In tune with my current business, I am thinking of upgrading to an MPV like the Toyota Alphard. I also spend quite a lot of time driving in traffic on a daily basis and I find that space and practicality is an important aspect for me now,” Nick said.

“As far as SUVs are concerned, I like the Porsche Cayenne, but if I have extra resources to spend on a dream car, I think I would go for the Lamborghini Aventador V12, because it has the criteria of a perfect supercar.”

Mama Jo Launderette now operates three outlets – two premium outlets in Zest Point, Puchong (headquarters) and Courtyard, Subang Jaya, as well as a Ebox kiosk at Tropicana City Mall.

“Customers can drop their clothes at the Bbox kiosk that operates on a 24-hour basis before they will need to submit the transaction online and put the password to the kiosk locker. Depending on the types of cleaning, it will take several days before they get an SMS notification to indicate that their clothes are ready for collection,” Nick said.

Customers may not worry on safety of their items in the Ebox kiosk as they are required to key-in a password to the locker door with CCTV security.

Mama Jo also specialised in the cleaning and restoration of handbags and leather products. “We are the certified operator for the job where we obtained professional training for leather treatment,” Nick said.

According to him, Mama Jo Launderette aims to offer mid-price and reasonable service in the industry other than offering great convenience to the customers. Customers get to enjoy 20 per cent discount for their first order made at the Ebox kiosk.

For more information, call 012-333 8988/012-989 3605 or visit www.mamajo.com.my.

By: Amirul Hazmi


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