6×6 Royale – Brabus B63S 700 is here

POSTED BY Tony Yew ON 09 December 2015

There are a few vehicles that are brutal and stylish at the same time, and if you see one coming up on your rear view mirror, you will know it. It’s not just the size, and while this vehicle comes standard with an electric sidestep, your mum may need an airplane step ladder to climb up one.


This behemoth of a 6×6 is non other than a Mercedes G63. But look closer and you will see it actually has been tuned up by Brabus with its B63S performance kit, with an improved turbocharger, high performance down pipes that incorporate ‘Gold Heat’ reflection insulating sheathing & full stainless steel exhausts which brings the 5.5litre V8 Twin Turbo to another plateau that churns out a whopping 700hp! Weighing just below 3900 kgs, this beast can sprint to 100km in under 8 seconds.


Naza-Brabus Motor Sdn Bhd, the importer and distributor of Brabus in Malaysia has just taken delivery of the first 5 of 15 B63s that it had commissioned for the region. Although the Johor Royal family was seen in a similar B63S recently, it is that of a left-hand drive version which caught the attention of many. These are the first 15 right hand drive versions of the car made available here in Malaysia and in fact the world, according to Roger Tong of Naza-Brabus Motor Sdn Bhd. Mercedes Benz does not produce the G63 in right-hand drive versions. Naza is expected to also market this within the region.

Although the price tag in Ringgit Malaysia is yet to be announced, the Euro 700k and above sum will depend on what other accessories the buyer would like to have. A fridge and customised glove compartment in the cabin are just two of the many available for the ‘money-no-matter’ customer.

Don’t worry about your B63s or Brabus 700 looking like any other because every each of the 15 sold by Naza Brabus is completely different on the inside.


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