Kia’s grand tourer closer to production

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 16 July 2015

KIA’S GT sports sedan is a step closer after a near-production prototype was shown to a group of international Kia executives.

However, Kia’s other potential excitement machine, the smaller GT4 Stinger 2+2 sports coupe, is still “very far down the track” and will more than likely be re-worked to reappear in another concept guise at a future motor show to further gauge public reaction.

Of the two concepts, the rear-wheel-drive GT sedan has been floating around the longest, dating from the 2011 Frankfurt motor show after work started on it behind closed doors in 2010, GoAuto reports.

Kia Motors Australia (KMAu) media and corporate communications manager Kevin Hepworth said this week that he and media manager colleagues from other branches of Kia around the world had been shown a potential production version of the GT to get their feedback on its market potential.

“It was a focus group,” he said. “They pulled all their media guys in and said ‘what do you think of this’.”

Hepworth said that the GT production car had not yet been signed off by Kia chiefs but the GT’s original design had been toned down to suit production, including international crash safety regulations.

The four-door, rear-wheel-drive lift-back halo car has been given development priority over the Stinger because of its greater market potential in major markets such as North America.

Inspired by 1970s European GT cars, the Kia GT is expected to be a grand tourer in the original sense – a luxury cruising car – rather than an overtly powerful muscle car to compete with the likes of the BMW’s M and Mercedes’ AMG premium offerings.



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