Kia Track'ster revealed

POSTED BY admin ON 09 February 2012

Yesterday, we’ve seen two teaser pics of the Track’ster concept. The Track’ster is based on the Soul crossover. Kia calls the concept “a performance-oriented three-door Soul coupé concept that hints at what could possibly be the future of Kia’s wildly successful Soul.”

Performance comes from a petrol 2.0-litre turbocharged in-line-four engine producing 250 horsepower, delivered via an electronically controlled four-wheel-drive system mated to a short-throw six-speed manual transmission. Ensuring the tires get sufficient traction to deliver all the power is a lowered sport suspension tuned for track performance.

In designing the wheels, Kia’s California design team partnered with HRE to come out with the custom HRE-K1 monoblock billet performance wheels, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 rubber, 245/40-19-inch at the front and 285/35-19-inch at the rear.

A two-tone Whiteout and Inferno Orange paint scheme is used throughout the exterior and interior. Kia says white portrays complex layers and shades that contribute to dramatic depth, while orange is perfectly suited for racing.

“The idea was to make the Track’ster tough looking, like a bulldog,” said Tom Kearns, Chief Designer for KMA. “But the car had to be approachable as well. We wanted to base the car in reality so people instantly knew it was a Soul, but with a lot of attitude. It had to be a bold interpretation that would change people’s conceptions of what a sporty Kia could be.”

The Track’ster is ruled out for series production from the outset, so don’t expect it to hit the roads anytime. However, it is possible for certain design elements, like the horizontal Inferno Orange “backpack” panel at the rear hatch, that two-tone paint scheme with the ‘floating roof’ might be considered for future Kia models or even special edition campaign models of existing Kia cars, depending on the response gathered from the concept.

“Concept cars are icing on the cake,” said Kearns. “They allow KMA’s design team to dream about what could be. Whether that dream becomes a reality or not is a separate question.”

Lastly, we hope Kia will come to their senses and do away with those apostrophe nonsense on their vehicle names (Cee’d and Pro-cee’d). We recommend a link from TheOatMeal.


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