Jaguar’s XE poised to take on Tesla’s Model 3

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 06 February 2015

JAGUAR is throwing its resources into muscling into Tesla Model 3 territory with the XE, slated to become available in 2017.

No, it won’t be an electric car but it will be extremely fuel efficient thanks to advanced new technology for remarkable efficiency gains over competitors, Green Car Reports said.

The sleek compact sport sedan, the smallest Jaguar since the demise of the ill-fated X-Type, is being tipped to be the car that catapults its maker toward sales of 500,000 cars a year sometime in the 2020s.

Like the Tesla Model 3, the XE will have a body shell built of riveted and bonded aluminum, but Jaguar is using steel for the doors, the trunklid, and the rear part of the floorpan.

According to an early drive report of the XE in Car and Driver, the XE possesses “the reflexes and the grace that are conspicuously absent in the competition” among small sport sedans.

The XE will be offered with a new Ingenium 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine that could return fuel-economy ratings in the high 30mpgs or even low 40s.

If there are any electrified versions at all of the Jaguar XE, they’re far down the road yet. Jaguar Land Rover is focusing its hybrid-vehicle efforts on its largest and heaviest sport utilities, though currently in Europe only.