Jaguar revamps XF range for 2016

POSTED BY Nigel Andretti ON 01 April 2015

LAUNCHED in 2008, the Jaguar XF gets a total remake for the 2016 model year which the company unwrapped just before the official reveal at the New York Motor Show.

As part of a total portfolio revamp for Jaguar, the once rather pudgy-looking XF sedan has been dolled up to bring significantly more road presence, sleeker looks and a range of advanced technologies that were lacking in the outgoing model.

The second-generation XF is the next of Jag’s new products due in the coming year that will be joined by the XE sports sedan and F-Pace crossover.

Aside from more aesthetically pleasing proportions and a 51-millimetre stretch in the wheelbase benefitting rear seated passenders, it’s the XF’s all-new aluminum structure that makes the biggest difference.

Seventy-five percent of the car is constructed from aluminum and the rigidity improved by 28 percent over the old model.


The weight savings are significant — 120 kg for the all-wheel-drive models coming to Canada. The AWD system drives the rear wheels until it detects slippage and reapportions the drive torque intelligently.

The XF’s diet promises significantly better performance from its 3.0-litre V6 supercharged engine — in base form it produces 340hp and 380hp in the up-level version. Both are linked to an eight-speed manumatic. When equipped with Jag’s Configurable Dynamics, the driver can tailor the steering feel, engine and transmission characteristics, as well as the optional adaptive suspension.

The current Jaguar XF ... gets a revamp

The current Jaguar XF … gets a revamp

Inside, the highlight is Jaguar’s InControl Touch Pro infotainment system and its 10.2-inch touch-sensitive screen. It now uses a solid-state drive and a quad-core processor, which speeds up the retrieval of information (the outgoing system was famed for its truculence). Also new is the reconfigurable 12.3-inch dash panel first employed in the Range Rover. Both facets add a great deal of richness to the XF’s cosseting cabin.

The aluminised XF goes on sale in January 2016.