Isuzu Malaysia’s trucks still on top

POSTED BY Vishal Bhaskaran ON 03 February 2016

Isuzu’s commercial vehicles division celebrated a record 2015 with 6,387 units sold and a resultant second consecutive top spot in the sales charts in its segment.

The total represents an increase of 66 units over 2014, the medium-duty Forward truck and heavy-duty and prime mover Giga truck experiencing an almost 100 percent increase in demand contributing to 36.2 percent market share.

CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Kenji Matsuoka commented on this success upon release of the 2015 market report by the Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA): “As truck operators continue finding ways of control rising costs, they are discovering that Isuzu trucks provide the ideal solution by significantly increasing fuel and delivery efficiencies.

“The rapid rise in demand for our medium and heavy-duty trucks also suggests that long-haul customers realize that by replacing their fleet with technologically-advanced Isuzu trucks, they are clearly seeing a difference to their operational bottom lines.”

Isuzu Malaysia Trucks 2015

He added that the company’s initiatives that focused on establishing a strong customer-centric foundation had further led to heightened customers confidence.

“In recent years, we embarked on various customer-centric programmes that focused beyond the present-day requirements of customers. Whether it is to enhance the dealership network or to improve on our parts availability, every effort has been made to ensure our customers are well looked-after today and in the future,” said Matsuoka.

For more information, consult an authorized Isuzu Truck dealer. For a full list, call 1-300-88-1133 or visit www.isuzu.net.my/truck


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